November 26, 2017


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Guide to the new Website (PDF)

• Guide to registering for the 2018 Reunion (PDF)

The AC-119
Gunship Association
Has a New Location
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The AC-119 Gunship Association's new Web Site and associated database which eas easily accessibleon the hot links on this limited time web page. 

Also, plans are coming together for our next memorable reunion in Tucson, AZ. Reunion XIX will be held Oct 11 – Oct 14, 2018.
Please use this Temporary page and the Firing Circlenewsletter as tools to provide you: 

1)  What you need to know to access and use the new Web Site, and (at the same time),

2)  Learn all about the upcoming 2018 Reunion XIX and register on-line to attend. 

Reunion coordinator, Ev Sprous says you can now register for reunion rooms at the Double Tree Tucson Airport.

To register for a room call the hotel directly at 520-225-0800 or 800-222-TREE[8733] and tell them that you are registering for the AC-119 Gunship Association Reunion, in Oct 2018. You can also register on line at 
http://group.doubletree.com/AC119GunshipAssnThe rates are good Oct 8 to Oct 16, 2018. So arrive early and tour beautiful Tucson.

For any concerns or questions you can call: Everett "Ev" Sprous 520-979-1130

See you all in Tucson.

Oct 11 – Oct 14, 2018
Reunion XIX in Tucson, Arizona

The new Web site is a well-crafted, and comprehensive. It is much more than a great place to get current news and information; it is continually evolving and becoming The Place to find an ever-increasing amount of history about our AC-119 Gunship Association. Further, it will simplify and automate: Reunion registrations (event module); buying Association merchandise from the Quartermaster’s site (eCommerce); and communicating within the Association’s membership. The result reduces a lot of background labor.

Thank you again to our very hard working teams:

Information Technology (IT) Committee: Wayne Laessig, Ron Julian, Jim Mattison enjoy your new web site.

Kudos again to the 2017 reunion coordinators for Dayton Reunion XVIII: Ron Julian, Rogers Stevens, Al Heuss,  Jim Alvis, Vern Hansen

Mike Drzyzga , Association President

News You Can Use Now!

• Web-Site Launch Dummies Guides

Wayne Laessig did a super job of creating two “tutorial” documents that will aid everyone in making the most of the new Site. See below and they are also attached to the email messageto all with the June Firing Circle.
Please look at these carefully, and you'll be clicking away on the new site in no time.
These guides are also on the Association’s FaceBook page.

It might be a good idea to print and save the PDFs before you visit the new site. Or, just go to the new site and browse away!

Guide to the new Website (PDF)

The Association's New Web Site!!

The new web site is ready for you! Thanks go to everyone involved.

cindy etherton photo

our new Webmaster is Cindy Etherton (daughter of our own Bruce Muller, Life Member & AC-119 Crew Chief).

Wayne Laessig will assist her, with Ron Julian handling our Master Contact List (MCL), and Gus Sininger as our Quartermaster, assisted by Lee Wolf. Quite a Team!

Remember....There is lots to see & use as you sign on to the new website. To start...

* It has online access to Board & Committee members, online Reunion Registration, online Merchandise, tons of historical information, personal stories, and Association history.

• it's linked to a database that makes updating Association information much easier, and less prone to input errors.

Enjoy the new website! and please, don't forget to bookmark it

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AC119 Gunship Association

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