AC-119 Gunship Association
Membership Application
or Renewal

Note: There is no charge to the surviving spouses of Life members.

Please clearly print all the information requested

I, __________________________________, hereby renew, or apply, for membership in the AC-119 Gunship Association and agree to abide with the By-Laws of the Association.

I served in combat with the (circle one) 71st SOS   17th SOS   18th SOS
from _____________________, 19______ to ___________________, 19_______, and from _____________________, 19______ to ___________________, 19_______, at:
(enter primary duty location)_________________________________ while performing as
(enter air or ground crew or other support position )________________________________________.

Associate membership: family members of those who served in or directly supported AC-119s or AC-47s, and others not meeting Regular Membership eligibity, may apply for Associate Membership.
I feel I am qualified to be an Associate Member due to the following: (Please explain)_____________________________________________________________________




ZIP:____________ Phone:____________________________FAX:______________________________

Please include or update your email address (This is for association use only)


_______________________________ __________________________
Signature                                                          Date

Enclosed is my check or money order in the amount of $20.00 for my Annual membership, or $119.00 for a Lifetime membership. If you would like to make an additional donation to the Association at the same time, it will be used wisely and greatly appreciated.

ail this form along with your Check or Money Order to:
Mike Drzyzga, Secretary • AC-119 Gunship Association • 37 Pecan Lane •Oak Ridge, NJ 07438-9165 • email:

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