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In keeping with established practice on the World Wide Web, the AC-119 Gunship website incorporates links to other sites that may be useful and interesting to visitors. The establishment of these links, however, does not imply the Association ’s endorsement. In addition, because it is the nature for sites to change content and design frequently, and for URL addresses to become defunct, the AC-119 Gunship Association cannot take responsibility for any material that is not directly part of its own website.

This area will contain links the association feels pertain to AC-119 gunship missions and operations and other interesting Vietnam era sites.

Links will be posted upon approval the AC-119 Gunship Association president and webmaster.

Think your site should be included? If so please email the AC-119 Gunship Association Webmaster .


Tan Son Nhut Assoc logo

The Tan Son Nhut Association – has been established to respect all of those service personnel from the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard, who served at any time during the Vietnam conflict at the great airdrome at Tan Son Nhut, Air Base, Saigon, Republic of Vietnam.

TLC logo

Thailand, Laos, Cambodia Brotherhood
If you or a loved-one served in one of these countries during the Vietnam conflict and have never had a bond through traditional veteran organizations, we may be the one for you. Benefits include exclusive internet contact among members, assistance to charitable causes, a quarterly newsletter and an annual reunion. Visit out web site at:

Air Commando Association
I'm a member are you? Why not join today!

DFC Association logo
Distinguished Flying Cross Society
Open to all who have earned the DFC.

The Distinguished Flying Cross Society is founded on fraternity and fellowship among military flyers - of all our armed services and of all ranks who have been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Our society's focus and our principal goal is to build the Society in two major ways: (1) To build our organization and its Chapters, so as to increase the Society's effectiveness in serving all our members and associates, and (2) To look outward as well, toward public service and education about the Distinguished Flying Cross and about aerospace in America. By pursuing this two-part strategic goal, the Society will grow. And, as importantly, the Society will become ever more effective in spreading its educational message - and awareness of the Society - ever more widely among American citizens.

Home of the Raven FACS

Special Operations Association
Check with the SOA for qualifications

Spectre Association
The AC-130 Gunship association

Special Forces Association 
Check with the SF Association for qualifications


United States Air Force
Oficial Site of the U.S. Air Force

Air Force sites
A listing of more than 900 public Air Force sites


Green Berets
Ranger Bob's heart stopping web site. Turn your volume down, I put a dent in my ceiling


USAF Special Operations
The home site of the Air Force Special Operations Command

Special Operations
Tom Hunter's superb site on just about everything involving Special Operations

Air America
Home of Air America


The C-119 Flying Boxcar
David Steiner's web page dedicated to the C-119 Flying Boxcar's pre-gunship days

A Tribute to Atterbury Airfield, Bakalar AFB, and Camp Atterbury 
James West's site dedicated to Atterbury Army Airfield, Bakalar AFB, and Camp Atterbury.

Atterbury/Bakalar Museum Camp atterbury
The Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum has gallery displays of the 71st SOS AC-119G Gunship Squadron and information about them on the museum web site. The museum is located at Columbus Indiana Municipal Airport near the control tower of the former Bakalar Air Force Base, the home of the 71st SOS when activated for Vietnam.


No Greater Love
A site dedicated to helping those who have lost someone in combat or through a terrorist act.

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