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(For 71st, 17th & 18th SOS members only)


If you need assistance applying for a decoration you feel you should have received in Southeast Asia, and didn't, please read this entire page

Awards & Decorations Board

Maj. Gen. Doug Metcalf
(18th SOS) - Board President & Maintenance/Support Advisor

Col. Steve "Mac" Mac Isaac
(18th SOS) - Aircraft Commander

Lt. Col. Charles "Chuck" James
(17th SOS) - Aircraft Commander

Col. Fred Blum

Col. Bernie Smith
(17th SOS) - NAV/NOS

SMSgt. Lee Kyser
(18th SOS) - FE

CMSgt. Rich Corbett
(18th SOS) - Gunner

Frank Bartlett
(18th SOS) - Gunner

Allen Chandler
(17th SOS) - IO

Fellow Gunshippers,

On behalf of the Awards and Decorations Recovery Board, I want to thank all of you, in advance, for your help on this noble project. The hallmark, and legacy, of any great Association is that `they take care of their own' is our task. The AC-119 Gunship Association Awards & Decorations Recovery Board is a small but necessary attempt to do just that…`take-care-of-our-own'.


We have fellow Gunshippers; aircrew, maintenance, and support personnel, who may not have been given full and just credit for their actions in Southeast Asia. There is an established DOD/Federal process to deal with lost & missing Awards & Decorations. It is a difficult and very time consuming 'process'.....and very easy to get a 'rejection or disapproval' because of the lack of supporting documents. The system is set with NO as the “going in” position. On behalf of the Association I have worked with the 'process' at the Military Personal Center (MPC) at Randolph AFB, TX., with the hope that I, along with the board, can assist our members with their decoration recovery process.

What the AC-119 Gunship Association needs to do, to support its members, is to be able to present an 'airtight' package into the system so that it has a good, to excellent, chance for approval.

However, the burden of `proof' rests with the member requesting the decoration. What the AC-119 Gunship Awards & Decorations Recovery Board will provide the member is 'assistance' on making his 'package' as complete, justified, and as endorsed as possible. The paperwork and leg work burden is on the Member!!

The Association Awards & Decs Board will provide the Member with a checklist and process requirements. These Awards & Decorations pages will provide the member information and an avenue to request 'missing data/support material.' Once the Member completes his 'package', he will send it to the appropriate Board Member that has the necessary qualifications to review the package, ie. Pilot, Navigator, Gunner, etc. That Board Member will help polish the 'package' as required. If there is a question in the mind of that Board Member as to the justification or other circumstances, that Board Member can go to any and all other Board Members to resolve the issue.

When all is said and done, our goal is to return the 'package' to the requesting Association Member, with a strong endorsement letter from the Senior Crew Position, Maintenance, or Support person so that the requesting member can submit his claim into the 'formal' process.

On these pages you will find hotlinks to a downloadable checklist/worksheet, and other information, that you can print out from your computer. Or, you can contact your particular Awards and Dec’s Board Member to have a package sent to you. This package is what our A & D Board will use to assist any association member who wants to file a claim/appeal.

Together we can do is the right thing to do .... especially while our brothers are still alive.

We want to make this package as strong and as complete as possible! However, we can not do this alone. We need a combat hardened crew just like the good 'old days.' Finding supporting documents is critical, so check your old flight/frag logs and search for old orders. You may hold the key to your brothers successful submission.

Thanks & Cheers,


Col Steve Mac Isaac, USAF Ret.
6449 Coventry Hills Dr., NE
Rio Rancho, NM 87144
(h) 505-867-3367
(cell) 302-249-1499

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If you have any questions about these pages, or the process, please contact the Awards and Decorations Recovery Board project officer.

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